Tim J. Hays

Professional Makeup and FX Artist



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Welcome to MonsterFX!

I own and operate a fully-functional FX lab. Creating from cosmetic beauty makeup to full body creature suits with cable controlled or R/C controlled effects. Fabricating single piece or multiple piece foam latex prosthetics, fiberglass or vaccu-formed understructures, Full dental veneers or partials and fangs, silicone skins or prosthetics, puppets, props or virtually anything in between. I also have an electro-static flocking gun to add short hair or fur to just about any surface, including foam latex!

Certain effects can be created as well: blood-tubing, bladder effects, air-burst squibs, compound fractures or gunshot wounds and virtually any casualty simulation.

I am also listed on: Model Mayhem (#473695) IMDb (Tim Hays III), Facebook (Tim J. Hays) and Rebels Cafe (monsterfx)

In this site, there are pics of my work, my resume', a page on how to get started as a makeup artist, a project background page, some links to other interesting sites and a page to buy some of the items that I sell (like a variety of latex masks). I will be constantly updating my site with more pics and more things to sell. Also, just for fun, I've hidden some makeup pics & an "About Me" page (see if you can find them). So, keep checking back!  


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